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I know what you're going through. It starts with a twitch. Sometimes you're the only one to notice it. You hear the words "Clark," "Lex," or sweet, sweet "Clex," and you look around 'cause you can feel eyes focused on you - even if they are not.

The uncontrollable obsession is not very far behind. Your family members warn you to stay away from it. Sometimes people intentionally sabotage your efforts in getting more. They hide your stash or destroy it. They tamper with your computer. You spend hours on end thinking about it. Thinking about how and when you'll be able to get another sweet taste. It burns in your veins, causes you to shiver, and it makes you sweat.

Once again, you're not alone. I'm here for you. I'm LBM and I'm a Clexoholic. Come home and be loved. Come here and tweak yourself into euphoria. We won't judge. Come. Be one of us. *insert creepy cult music here*

ANY AND EVERYTHING CLEX IS WELCOME HERE!!! Fics, reading recommendations, manips, original artwork, etc. Please feel free to join and introduce yourself.

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